The Ruyan Vegas E-cigar

Awarded Most Marketable New Product at the 2008 Tobacco Plus Expo

The Ruyan Vegas is a revolutionary product and new to the world of electronic smoking substitutes/cigarettes alternatives. At five and one-half inches in length with a circumference of approximately 50 ring size, the Ruyan Vegas looks and feels like a premium traditional cigar.

Ruyan Vegas E-CigarIt’s disposable. The Ruyan Vegas is a disposable product that features 1800 mouthfuls of vapor- the vapor equivalent to the amount of mouthfuls of smoke commonly measured in a full carton of cigarettes. A user will find that it will last as long as a carton of cigarettes if they use it to replace their traditional smoking activity. Otherwise, customers who use the Ruyan Vegas in places that they cannot or would not smoke, report that the Ruyan Vegas lasts three to four weeks.

It’s convenient. The Ruyan Vegas comes fully charged, with a 16 mg nicotine cartridge pre-installed. Simply, depress the end of the cigar that goes in the mouth, i.e. the mouthpiece, closing the small gap that exists between the mouthpiece and the body of the Ruyan Vegas and it’s ready to go. It also stores easily and can be carried upright, mouthpiece up, in a pocket or briefcase.

It’s affordable. The Ruyan Vegas is generally offered at a price well below the cost of one carton of traditional cigarettes, yet can be compared to a carton of cigarettes when you consider that it provides 1800 mouthfuls of vapor – roughly the same amount of “puffs” provided by 10 packages of cigarettes for the average traditional smoker.

And, like the Ruyan E-cigarette, the Ruyan Vegas produces no second hand smoke and can be used where individuals cannot smoke by law, regulation or common courtesy.

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The Ruyan Vegas E-Cigar Drawing
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