August 17, 2009

New Product Designed for Adult Smokers; Contains No Tobacco and No Nicotine

Product Expected to Be Made Available in Wide Variety of Retail Outlets

(AUGUST 17, 2009 . . . MINNEAPOLIS) Ruyan America, Inc., Minneapolis, MN, announced today that it is launching a new product, the Ruyan RAPP E-Mystick, a patent applied for Respiratory Amplifier Personal and Portable, containing the recognized herbal remedy and dietary supplement lobelia and marketed exclusively to smoking adults as a tonic.

The RAPP E-Mystick is designed for smokers who want the look, feel and experience of a cigarette. It contains the active ingredient lobelia, also known as "Indian Tobacco", an herbal remedy/dietary supplement; well known and often described as a respiratory tonic. The product uses miniature technology and a convenient, personal, portable and disposable herbal vaporizer that produces an ingestible, pleasantly flavored mist. The product provides smokers quick and effective relief for a number of conditions commonly attributed to tobacco use. The product is neither a tobacco product nor a drug product and is classified as a dietary supplement. It is not intended to be used for smoking cessation. The product is formulated and assembled in the United States, using the finest and purest ingredients available domestically.

William Bartkowski, President of Ruyan America, commented, "We are introducing a revolutionary product, unlike anything in the market today. We call it an E-Mystick, with this variety of the product branded the RAPP. It is so new and unlike anything else in the market that it is covered by a separate, recently submitted patent that distinguishes and differentiates the RAPP from what are often referred to as E-cigarettes. The construction and components of the E-Mystick do not resemble any product currently offered in the US."

Bartkowski went on to note that the product contains none of the chemicals found in recent FDA tests of E-cigarettes, namely nitrosamines and diethylene glycol. The product is voluntarily labeled to be sold to adult smokers only and all distributors and retailers are required to sign an agreement consenting to these voluntary restrictions.

This RAPP® is not be sold or used by individuals under the age of 18, non-smokers, anyone with a sensitivity to any combination of common inhalants or anyone pregnant or nursing. This product is neither a tobacco product nor a drug. It has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to be a drug product that treats, cures, prevents or mitigates any disease or condition. The active ingredient Lobelia is a recognized herbal remedy and dietary supplement commonly used as a respiratory tonic.

Ruyan America, Inc. is a technology based company that currently develops and markets OTC consumer products using patented and patent-applied-for convenient and non-disruptive delivery methods for ingestion and absorption. Ruyan America, Inc. is a U.S.-based joint venture partner of Ruyan Holdings Ltd. of Hong Kong.

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