Ruyan America, Inc. Launches Website

April 08, 2008

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. – Ruyan America, Inc. announced today that it has launched its informational website at The website is designed to provide information about the Company’s products and Company news.

Currently, the Company features detailed information about its electronic cigarette, the Ruyan V-8 E-cigarette, and the product’s replacement nicotine cartridges on the site. The site also has a detailed section of “Frequently Asked Questions” and promises information soon on the Ruyan E-pipe and the Ruyan Vegas E-cigar.

William Bartkowski,President of Ruyan America, stated, "We are pleased to launch this site as a way to provide information to the many individuals who have inquired as to the status of our products and product introductions over the last few weeks. We hope consumers, distributors and retailers look to the site for regular updates."

Ruyan America, Inc is a US-based joint venture partner of Ruyan Holdings Ltd of Hong Kong. Ruyan America’s Chairman, Mr. Hon Lik, is the inventor and patent holder of the E-cigarette and the atomizing technology that is critical to it, the E-cigar and the E-pipe. These products, varieties of replacement cartridges and their accessories are designed, manufactured and sold for the cigarette replacement/smoking substitution market. They allow smokers to satisfy their cravings for nicotine in places and situations where they otherwise cannot smoke by law, regulation or common courtesy. Ruyan is the only manufacturer of E-cigarette pursuant to Mr. Hon’s patents and Ruyan America is the only Company providing E-cigarettes, E-cigars, E-pipes, their cartridges and accessories to distributors and retailers in concert with safety test results, product liability insurance, detailed ingredient lists, documentation of proprietary intellectual property and the support of a $4 million Direct Response Television campaign.

Warning: be advised that nicotine is addictive. The Ruyan products have not been evaluated by the US FDA. They are not intended to be drug products that diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate any disease or condition. Do not use these products if you are under the age of 21; if you are a non-smoker, if you have a demonstrated allergy or sensitivity to nicotine or any combination of inhalants; or if you are pregnant or nursing.
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